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Sunday, May 14, 2006

On Mother's Day, A Son Speaketh

Today is Mother’s Day! The morning newspapers are flooded with pictures of celebrity moms with their children and celebrity children with their mom. Thanks to the Archies and Hallmarks of this world, we have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Woman’s Day, Man’s Day (oops! I doubt there is one), Grandparent’s Day, Sister’s Day, Brother’s Day, and a whole plethora of designated day. I wonder if any day of the 365 days of the year is still free.

Children of new age are suckers for these numerous earmarked days. And they spend a fortune on buying greetings cards and gifts for these occasions and celebrating each and every of these man-made special days. And in turn they help the Archies and the Hallmarks of the world in making a grand fortune. I am sure these special days are worth billions of dollars.

Coming to Mother’s Day, I wonder if it is enough for a child to pamper her mother for only a day in a year. The relationship shared by a mother and her children is something truly out of the world. It’s too special. It’s more of an unspoken nature, where a smile and the expression on face convey more than a million spoken words. Having one day per year designated as a day to shower your love on your mother is simply a mockery of the mother-child relationship. Loving one’s mom and pampering her with love, care and affection is a daily affair. It’s not something that you do once a year by sending her a greetings card, buying her new dress, taking her out for dinner, presenting her with a wrist watch (a la Aamir Khan style in Titan commercial), or throwing a party.

At a very personal level, I don’t need any special day to convey my love to my mom, dad, grandparents, and loved ones. And I am sure a large majority of people don’t need these special days to pamper their loved ones. But the way these special days are being publicized and promoted, and the way they are being accepted by the children of new age, I sometimes wonder – was there less love for our near and dear ones 50 years back when there was no Mother’s Day or Father’s Day; neither there was any Brother’s Day or Sister’s Day nor any Grandparent’s Day or Women’s Day?

By the way, I sent a SMS to my mom this morning:

"Today is Mother’s Day. The world celebrates Mother’s Day once in a year. I celebrate it every day of the year. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!"

Welcome to a consumerist world, where even your emotions and feelings have a price tag!


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