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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bihar Calling...

Today I found Coolbihari blog by Ajit Chouhan. It is really a nice blog about Bihar and everything Bihari. There is also a Coolbihari yahoo group.

On menu are branding Bihar, Bhojpuri movies and songs, Bihari language innovation, Bihari attitude, Laloo, and a lot more. Interesting read as well as a nice initiative.

Being myself a proud Bihari, it is a great feeling to see that there are still many young people who see hope in Bihar. This is a welcome change after seeing people, including those from Bihar, rant about Bihar. In fact there are more Bihari than others who project Bihar in bad light. Bihar mein hai hi kya is the often repeated monotone. Well, it is true that the state of affairs of Bihar is not good. But does it mean that Bihar’s own people would disassociate themselves from their roots. Not only that they even feel ashamed to introduce themselves as Bihari. Really sad because if this is the attitude of Bihar’s own people then what can we expect from others. Many times I am asked from where I am. Since my surname is Krishna, people generally think that I am from South India. When I tell them that I am from Bihar there is a visible shock on their face though they try their best to hide it. And typically the next sentence is “So you are from Laloo’s land”. “Well no”, I retort, “I am from the land of Buddha and Mahavir”. But how many Bihari outside Bihar proudly declare that they are Bihari? Unfortunately, not many. Well I think if the fortunes of Bihar and its image has to change then its people must change their attitude towards their native land.

And after seeing this sort of inferiority complex among Bihari community residing outside Bihar, it is great to see a person like Ajit Chouhan coming up with an initiative to create a better Bihari brand. And when I saw the member list of the Coolbihari yahoo group, I was a bit surprised that there were many more people who were close to their roots and who wanted to create a new Bihar, a progressive Bihar. Today, I am feeling that perhaps the day of reckoning is soon to come for Bihar. It is now only a matter of time.

I am getting somewhat futuristic as well. I am visualizing that in 5 years time we may see more and more successful Bihari going back to their roots to do their bit. One such example has already been set, that I came to know during my last visit to Bihar in December’05. And the learned person is Mr. M B Verma, a friend of our President, His Excellency APJ Abdul Kalam. Mr. Verma worked with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) and was the Project Director of Light Combat Aircraft, ‘Tejas’. After his retirement, he packed his bags and headed straight from the high-tech Bangalore to his primitive village Rasiyari Baur in Darbhanga district of Bihar with a mission to educate all the people of his village. And he is a man with a selfless mission who is giving all he can give to his roots. Well Swades was reel, M B Verma is real. And even Dr. Kalam said during his Bihar visit that Bihar needed more M B Vermas. This might be an extreme example but definitely it is within rational realms to think that more and more Bihari will come back to contribute in whatever way they can and create a win – win situation for all.

Well whatever may the future hold for Bihar, there is nothing wrong in being optimistic. Faith is the most important thing. Without Faith there cannot be any progress. And to make Bihar progressive and bring back its past glory what is needed most is Faith from Bihar’s own people, particularly people who have settled outside Bihar. If that happens then the path to progress will be a cake walk.

Let the Faith move Bihar to a world of prosperity.


Comments on "Bihar Calling..."


Blogger Ajit Chouhan said ... (11:16 AM) : 

Excellent Blog Mayank...Do keep posting these stuff on the group also.Carry on lage raho bhai.....


Blogger Ajit Chouhan said ... (11:29 AM) : 

I've linked u 2 my blogs..


Blogger Mayank Krishna said ... (11:55 PM) : 

Thanks Ajit.


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