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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Change of guard in Bihar

Nothing is constant except change. Perhaps Laloo Yadav forgot this. He had the temerity to think that he can stall the process of change. This was one of the biggest blunders he committed in his 15 years of misrule (by self or by proxy!). Had he understood the universal law of change, he would have done much better for himself, his dynasty as well as for Bihar. Unfortunately, the arrogance sitting inside him got the better of logic. The result is for everyone to see.

Had he been an astute leader, he would have tried to manage change rather than try to stall it head on. Change has to happen either for good or bad. But change cannot be made immobile. Laloo would have happily ruled Bihar for 20 years, as he claimed many years back, had he thought of bringing a change for the better in the state of affairs of Bihar. But he, instead of changing the lives of people of Bihar, thought it better to change the life and life style of his entire dynasty. It did change but people of Bihar also changed the government. And it is hardly difficult to guess the fate of Laloo and his dynasty under the new rule of the land.

In the end, Laloo's biggest nemesis turned out to be his obsession with MY (Muslim - Yadav) formula. Instead of focusing on development, he kept balancing his MY formula thinking that it will shield him from any thing that might threaten his seat of power. How wrong he was! Caste equation is something that can rapidly change in a society which is in transition and it is development alone that can keep the people glued to the rulers.

But the saddest part of this entire saga is the complete wastage of 15 years and a state of affairs that is in complete mess. In these days, when political stability is a luxury, Laloo got 15 years of uninterrupted support from people. Any person of sound credentials would have transformed Bihar into a model state in this time period.

It is difficult to predict right now what is in store for Bihar after Laloo. It's hard to predict behaviour of politicians. They change colours like chameleon. But still, life is made of hope. Perhaps, the new rulers will learn their lesson from history and will not repeat the follies of Laloo. Hopefully, Bihar will see the dawn heralding a new beginning after 15 years. Hopefully, Bihar will regain its lost glory. Hopefully...

Let's see how the change of guard shapes Bihar's future.


Comments on "Change of guard in Bihar"


Blogger cipher said ... (7:54 PM) : 

How the mighty have fallen! Looks like anybody who becomes too big for his boots has to fall. Never take your audience for granted.

PS: I have an Advertising Blog! Do you have an opinion?


Anonymous always smile:) said ... (3:45 PM) : 

hey...heavy duty politics stuff.but all ur blogs make interesting reading.write a book someday...
colgate smile!


Blogger Mayank Krishna said ... (10:52 PM) : 

My dear sweet COLGATE SMILE :-), thanks for the compliments.

By the way, the book idea, actually a novel, is rolling in my head for sometime. You must have guessed the subject by now :-D

Keep smiling!


Anonymous smiley said ... (4:31 PM) : 

yes i got it...i know what u'll write abt.but u must seriously think abt it, u're really good at it!
tk cr


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