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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Corporate Cartoons

Corporate life in India can be very bizarre sometimes and at the same time utterly funny. I am now 18 months old in this unique world and have had my share of frustration, excitement, boredom, helplessness, hilarious moments, power & politics, Machiavellian scheming, and oxymoronic meetings. For sometime now I was wondering if the corporate life is a live version of “Cartoon Network”.

Today I am convinced. So I am thinking of starting a comic strip of my own on Indian Corporatosphere (People at Oxford Dictionary and Webster please note that I am the creator of this word. As of today, 23rd October 2005, the google result for ‘Corporatosphere’ shows zero result. If the word becomes fashionable and you people decide to include it in your esteemed dictionary then please attribute it to me). Enough of monopoly of Dilbert. It is time now for some competition. If Indian software can do it, so can a comic strip on Indian Corporatosphere. Anyways, US Corporatosphere’s hilariousness quotient (HQ) cannot be as high as Indian Corporatosphere’s hilariousness quotient (HQ). Beware Dilbert!

But the biggest problem is that I don’t know how to draw sketches. But I am a believer in the principles taught in “The Alchemist”. One such principle says, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. So if I don’t know sketching then I will definitely learn it sooner than later. Amen!

If you can let your imagination run wild you will be astonished to see the characters from “Cartoon Network” coming alive in India’s Corporatosphere. There is inevitably an Uncle Scrooge (the millionaire or billionaire uncle who is obscenely rich yet very stingy). There are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. There is Tom as well as Jerry. Then there are Huey, Dewey, and Louie (read management trainees). There are also Pluto and Goofy. There is Spike. And there is Topo, the Neopolitan Mouse. Aha, there is Uncle Pecos as well. And never to forget The Duckling (appetizer for Tom). If you know of a character in Cartoon world then an equivalent is bound to be found in Indian Corporatosphere.

And while writing this I am remembering the famous satire of Colyngbourne:

"The Cat, the Rat and Lovell our Dog,
Rule all England under a Hog"

The Cat was Sir Thomas Catesby. The Rat was Sir William Ratcliffe of Ordsall Hall. The Dog was Thomas, Lord Lovell ( Lovell's emblem was a talbot, a now-extinct breed of hunting hound). The Hog was Richard III ( his emblem was a white boar). The couplet refers to the fact that this hated trio of men enjoyed enormous power and influence in the reign of the equally disliked King Richard III.

Wondering if such a satire can be written for Indian Corporatosphere as well?

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